Who We Are

Our founder, Adrianna is a New York native that has been bonded to nature since the womb. Growing up alongside the ocean beaches, most of her time is spent outdoors cherishing the plentiful gifts of Mother Earth. Whether its gardening, grounding, or saluting the sun- she’s committed to feeling her way through opportunities to become more self and ecologically sustaining. 
As an artist of different mediums, Adrianna is driven by the freedom to create and express. This affinity with art has allowed her to quickly understand the wonders of cathartic release and spiritual liberation. She recognizes such pure sensations from childhood pastimes like Tae Kwon Do, where she initially discovered her inner warrior. This indomitable spirit derived from the fusion of mental and physical discipline, learning early the importance of connection to breath and what it means to hold space for patience & growth. While intuitive to people and the interrelation between the world as a whole, she works to unify the body, mind, & soul- reminding others of their inner strength.

Her mission to achieve wellness in the most natural way stems from a series of life events that led to many imbalances: the excessive migraines encountered since adolescence, the physical repercussions of being a retired gymnast/cheerleader, and the mental-emotional angst from every day stressors. In hopes to alleviate such challenges, she decided to take her on & off yoga practice to the next level by enrolling into Emerge Yoga & Wellness’s 200H and 300H teacher training program. Awakened by the effects of consistent regimen, she refused to settle for being anything less than whole, and is dedicated to inspire others to reclaim their personal power too. 
Through apprenticing with a Shaman for over ten years, she gained an extensive background in crystal healing and earth medicine. Always remaining a student, she continues to seek a deeper level of knowledge with the utmost respect towards the ancient wisdom offered throughout the world. Using plants and nature as a guide, Adrianna utilizes aromatherapy and the knowledge of plant medicine in all of her offerings. Curiosity and connection to understanding her own internal sound, or vibration has led her to becoming a TibetanTones® Sound Practitioner trained by E. Mackle, director of the Sonic Wellness Institute, and extends beyond as she is currently on the path to becoming an Ayurvedic Doctor. Currently offering Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations, holistic lifestyle counseling, helping others alleviate imbalances in the body & mind. Striving to awaken others to their own internal power, and offer a natural approach to maintain our vitality and well being. Additionally, she has studied Past Life Regression Therapy at The Weiss Institute (Brian L. Weiss, M. D.) to fortify her relationship with ancestry and her inner state of knowing. As a multifaceted mentor, she invites you on this journey to reawaken the healer within us all, while fostering a community of love, consciousness and resilience.