Private Offering's

Private One-on-One Offerings

Sound Healing

Tibetan Tones® Sound Sessions


Your extraordinary life is a continuous flow of your unique signature vibration. Realigning your frequency can inspire you to expand to your highest potential for personal empowerment, self-awareness, and growth. (in person)

Feel your frequency, tap back into your inner acoustic field, your inner MELODY. 

Tibetan Tones® Sound Sessions can affect the nervous system, and the digestive system by aiding in stimulating the vagus nerve, allowing the body and systems to relax and restore. Focused on moving stagnant Qi (energy), while also dilating vessels to regenerate blood flow.

 The effects of the long sustaining multi harmonics is also key for the brain. New stronger sleep patterns develop, in turn allowing the body to rest & rejuvenate. Promoting health and inner healing when we are “in tune”. Utilizing a specifically designed singing bowl with a particular pitch and vibrational quality to radiate directly ON the body. Tibetan Tones® Therapy bowls are designed to vibrate deeper into the body, lower lumbar, abdominal areas, and around the joints. No other bowl in the market has this unique effect. 

  • • • calm the mind, relax the body, and awaken the Spirit • • •

  Connect back to yourself. Your true essence. This is a re-harmonizing of the wounded self. No one can be rushed out of their pain or grief or into creating a better life. My job is to walk along beside you, offering a container of love and compassion, listen to your stories and teach you ways to rebuild strength and confidence. 


Benefits Include: 

  • Boosting immune system
  • Reducing tension in mind and body
  • Regulating stress-related hormones
  • Increasing endorphin levels
  • Improve circulation and blood flow


  Spiritual Advising - Energy Healing 

 One-on-One Yoga + Meditation Privates

A one hour private, one on one class tailored to your specific needs
Working one-on-one allows me to be more precise to one’s individual needs. 
Foundation - Assists and Alignment correction - Trauma Releasing -Therapeutic Exercise
Whether you want to just deepen your yoga or meditation practice, heal from physical injury or an emotional trauma, we can together create an ideal customized protocol using all aspects of yoga.

Group/Corporate Private Yoga • Meditation Sessions + Retreats

A yoga or meditation class/classes designed specifically to meet the needs of a group or corporation. Mindful gatherings, weekend retreats, wellness birthdays & weddings, etc.
Inquire about having us host a private party, event or pop up class for you or your business by sending us an email.
Join me on a routine basis, to truly see the results of mindfulness with the consistency of training the mind. Center your breath with approachable breathing exercises, along with other mindfulness techniques, guided visualizations, to further relax your mind into stillness. Shifting the busy brain and your consciousness to the now, allowing yourself to experience peace and upmost clarity.
Benefits may include: Calming the Mind - Energizes & Cleanses the Mind - Can help reduce anxiety/depression - Gives confidence and helps one gain a positive perspective/attitude on life - Recommended: meditation cushion, bolster, pillow, or anything comfortable to sit on
Corporate Events: 

Why corporate wellness retreats?


Healthy behaviors

Want to change the culture of your company but don’t know where to start? Promoting health and wellness is a great way to start.


Reduced sick leave

Healthier employees will take less sick days, therefore, becoming more productive.


Employee engagement

Bring your workplace together, enjoy quality time with colleagues from various departments and levels.


Employee retention

Invest in your team and make them feel valued. Boost your company’s culture as forward-thinking.



Health and wellness are great tool to boost creativity, reduce anxiety and stress related challenges from workplace.

For pricing and booking, please email me your full name, subject with the specific offering you are looking to book, contact information, & we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!