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In Person Classes + Workshops

Wednesday's 5 - 6pm
@ Emerge Integrative Wellness, Massapequa NY
This class balances the deep therapeutic release of yin yoga with the support and ease provided by restorative postures.
The repetitive stresses of everyday life are constantly stored in our body’s connective tissue. Over time, this can lead to chronic pain.
In yin yoga, seated/reclined postures are held for an extended period of time in order to release tension from the fascia (what makes you feel tight!). In this class, we use different props to fill in the spaces between the body and the ground, allowing you to sink into each stretch in a deep, yet supported way.
Then, during restorative, blankets and bolsters create the foundation for your body and mind to relax.
It’s from this space that we begin to integrate the benefits of our physical practice, leading to complete physical, mental, and emotional restoration.
Level: Emerge Therapeutics (open to all levels with special consideration for individuals with injuries). Pre|Post-Natal
Recommended Props: 1 bolster, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 1 strap


AntiGravity® Cocooning + Tibetan Tones®️Sound Meditation 

  Come and enjoy the ultimate AntiGravity® reboot! According to a NASA study, naps are proven to restore alertness and enhance performance.

In this 90 minute experience, the combination of sound vibration and the zero-gravity provided by the AntiGravity® hammock, creates the space for the ultimate power nap. Stretch, and then surrender into your Cocoon as Adrianna soothes your senses with the low drone of Tibetan Tones®.
This combination is is guaranteed to calm the mind, relax the body, and awaken your spirit.